JFK and Abraham Lincoln: Synchronized Conspiracy?

Amongst the innumerable fallacies oft seized upon by the conspiracy minded to prove their theories of lies by The Man to sell your soul to Satan Hitler and his army of Alien Grays, the emergence of false-flag patterns seems to be a favorite. From the coincidental singularities of the “lone nut” to the connection between the Trilateral Commission and the triumvirate of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in modern Christianity (hint, think 3), it seems that shadow governments and Masonic lodges are beholden to act according to arbitrary commonalities.

This leads us to one of my favorite circulations: the list of similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, proving some sort of vast left-rightist conspiracy.

Here’s a sampling of a list of possibly true facts:

  • Both men had 7-letter last names. (K-E-N-N-E-D-Y and L-I-N-C-O-L-N)
  • Both presidential candidates did well in debates. (Lincoln-Douglas and Kennedy-Nixon)
  • Kennedy was elected in 1960, Lincoln in 1860.
  • Both pushed for civil rights legislation. (Emancipation and Desegregation)
  • Both were mired in divisive wars. (The American Civil War and the Vietnam War)
  • Lincoln had an assistant named Kennedy, Kennedy had an assistant named Lincoln.
  • Lincoln was assassinated in the Ford Theater, Kennedy in a Ford limousine.
  • Both had detractors in the South.
  • Both presidents were shot in the head.
  • Both of the accused assassins had 15 letter names. (L-E-E-H-A-R-V-E-Y-O-S-W-A-L-D and J-O-H-N-W-I-L-K-E-S-B-O-O-T-H)
  • Each of the accused assassins were themselves quickly assassinated.
  • Each had a vice-president with the last name Johnson.

One fact oft repeated which is actually a falsehood:

  • Oswald and Harvey were born 100 years apart. This is untrue, Oswald was born in 1939, Booth was born in 1938.  If you don’t believe me, use Google.

That’s pretty much it.  Proof of a massive conspiracy by shady powers for reasons unknown to dethrone two of the 44 presidents of the United States.  Everything here may or may not be true, but nonetheless, to many, it is a very convincing list to ponder.

If we first ponder some of the looser points in the list.  It might be conceded that nearly all American presidents have performed well in a debate. Otherwise, they likely would not have made very good politicians. When pointing out that both were shot in the head, this conveniently ignores the fact that head shots are a great way to make sure an assassination attempt sticks (and ignores the fact that Wilkes managed to shoot Lincoln at near point-blank range, while Oswald shot Kennedy from a great distance).  Many presidents have Southern detractors, particularly when hailing from the North, and comparing Vietnam to the Civil War in any respect other than miredness is comparing apples to oranges.

Ignoring the vagueness and the large amounts of hypothetical duct-tape required to hold this list together, the real downfall of the conspiracy it seeks to validate, is its indifference to a much larger list: the differences between Kennedy and Lincoln.

  • Lincoln was born in 1809, Kennedy in 1917.  (108 years a part, assuming 100 is important as it is in the list above)
  • Abraham has 7 letters in his first name, John only had 4.
  • Lincoln grew a beard, Kennedy did not.
  • Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, Kennedy in 1963. (98 years apart)
  • Kennedy was 46 when he died, Lincoln was 56. (10 year difference)
  • Lincoln was a Republican, Kennedy a Democrat.
  • Kennedy attended Harvard University, Lincoln did not.
  • Lincoln won re-election, Kennedy did not survive to attempt it.
  • Lincoln’s first running mate was Hannibal Hamlin, Kennedy’s was Lyndon Johnson.
  • John Wilkes Booth was a well-known actor, Lee Harvey Oswald was not.
  • Kennedy was a Catholic, Lincoln might have possibly been a Protestant, or maybe a Deist, or even an Atheist.
  • Kennedy served in the U.S. Navy, Lincoln in the Illinois Militia.
  • Kennedy died in Texas, Lincoln in D.C.
  • The Lincoln Memorial has a giant statue of Abraham Lincoln, the Kennedy Memorial does not.
  • So on, and so forth, forever…

The two had far less in common than their commonalities.  Really, stripping away the absurd vague points and allowing that it is highly probably any two people picked out of history will share some traits or numbers, the supposed coincidences are merely, God help us, coincidences.  Lending any credence to a supposed conspiracy is a disservice to both two presidents and your own brain cells.

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