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Is Milo Yiannopoulos Racist?

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of internet chatter referring to Milo Yiannopoulos.  More specifically, I’ve seen a lot of internet chatter claiming Milo to be a racist and/or a “White Supremacist”.  I’m sure that with the U.C. Berkeley riots, many more people are now familiar with who he is.  What I’m not sure of, is how many people who now know who he is have actually researched him.  The evidence for Milo’s alleged “racism” is essentially non-existent.  Granted, if you redefine “racist” to include any form of prejudice whatsoever, then you could probably call everyone a racist.  In accordance with the true definition of the term “racist”, Milo has reflected no such ideology that I can find in his writings nor public speeches.

It would seem, at least to me, that the majority of what Milo says that is being considered “racist”, are comments on the nature of Islam.  However, Islam is not a race.  It’s a religion.  All religions are under the umbrella of “ideology”, and thus are open to criticism.  All people are entitled to a right to criticize any religion they wish.  Frankly, Milo is fairly tame with regard to his view on Islam, and I see no difference between what he says in his routines, and the things that are said by other celebrities such as Bill Maher.  However, Bill Maher has bought into the current cultural doctrine just enough to escape the label of “racist” and is instead given the slightly less unappealing label of “Islamophobic”.

In fact, in a recent Twitter post by ‏@jeremyscahill, he states that he is fine with Bill Maher’s overt mocking and criticism of Islam (despite not agreeing with him), yet he has completely backed out of appearing on the show alongside Milo. He wrote one of those seemingly heartfelt messages that the left often writes, the type that are equally patronizing, dull and void of any real content. See Below:

The above diatribe speaks for itself, and you can see the flaws in the line of thinking that’s being presented. I’m not sure why this particular “journalist” has such a sense of self-importance that he feels the need to be so condescending, but he certainly has let it show in this message. It’s as if to say “Well, Bill has some problems, but I, the greatest person on earth, can bear it, so I will let it go on”. Why does he feel his opinion or his level of acceptance is a measure upon which to gauge whether something is tolerable? Will the producers of the show truly care that he will not appear? In this day and age, I would not be surprised if they do end up cowtowing to his childish tantrum, but I hold out hope that they will say “bye, have fun doing whatever it is you do”.

These days, if you are on the left, you find yourself in a position to create negative labels for anyone who does not buy into your particular brand of acceptance (which is limited, by the way).  Those who are on the left have created an extremely dogmatic approach to life, and anyone who does not follow suit, is deemed a terrible person and tucked away into a category.  If you dare criticize Islam, you are “Islamophobic”, yet if you speak ill of Christianity, it’s considered fair game.  If you make any comment whatsoever, even if supported by facts, about those who are “black”, then you are racist.  However, you are free to make any number of comments, even those not based on facts, about “white” people, and are not labeled “racist”.  In fact, the left has decided to opt for their own definition of the term “racism”, so that they can consider that only white people can be racist.  No other race can be guilty of racism, in accordance with this new definition.

Milo is a gay, ethnic Jew (although a Catholic in terms of belief).  He is hardly the epitome of a privileged “white male” in that regard.  One would think they would allow him the same “pass” they give all other non-anglo, non-hetero people, but they don’t.  This is largely because of 1) his open support of Trump and 2) his somewhat conservative viewpoint on a variety of issues.  If Milo openly discusses the negative aspects of Islam, he is branded a racist (even though Islam is not a race).  Imagine a gay man who has a sexual preference for black men being labeled a racist.  It’s strange to even think of.  The aspects of Islam that Milo criticizes are not off-base either.  They are things that most rational people criticize about Islam, and as a homosexual, he seems to have plenty to criticize the religion for.  In many countries, it’s considered a crime punishable by death to openly engage in homosexual activities (even just kissing or holding hands) in public.  What’s strange to me is the degree of sympathy this organized religion is getting from the left, who has fought so hard in favor of homosexual acceptance for so many years.  In 2017, they choose Islam over Milo.  They choose the religion (and culture) that would prefer to murder a homosexual over a man who is a homosexual.  They do this while having the audacity to call this man a racist, simply for criticizing the very religion that would see him dead.

I understand that many people who are Muslim do not adhere to the strictest practice of the religion, and that’s a fair point to make.  However, this does not change the overwhelming number of Muslims who DO support these aspects of their religion, nor the number of countries who have structured their law in such a way.  I would think it not only fair, but expected that a person like Milo would openly critique these people, and even do so more rabidly than Milo has done.  If Milo openly mocks Islam, is that racism?  No, it isn’t, primarily because “Muslim” isn’t a race.  Is the left “tolerant”? Not a chance in hell.  They are only tolerant of those ideas that are on their preferential checklist, while everything else is fair game.

If anyone reading this feels that Milo is, in fact, racist…I would love to hear your evidence for this claim.  I have yet to see any legitimate proof that Milo is a racist, white supremacist, or even a sexist (as many claim).  So, feel free to submit your evidence at any point, and I will post it.

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