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Punching Richard Spencer

I recently watched the video of Richard Spencer getting punched.

I honestly thought it was pretty ridiculous, and frankly cowardly of the guy who did it.  Richard Spencer and I might not agree on everything, but the man is entitled to his opinion.  Even if his opinion is one that is viewed as disgusting, or even horrifying, he is entitled to it.  There’s a lot of talk about him being a “Nazi” and a “White Supremacist”.  Even if it were the case, the man is not inciting violence.  His worldview might be a negative one, it might be one that many view as harmful or even horrifying, but it is nothing more than a worldview.

If people are going to physically punish others for their thoughts, isn’t that dangerously close to the idea of “thought crime” as mentioned in George Orwell’s 1984?  Thought, unto itself, is not a crime.  Sharing those thoughts with others, is not a crime.  Only if Richard Spencer were to physically inflict his ideals or opinions on others, would there be any justification for inhibiting it.

To address the point of referring to him as a “Nazi”, honestly, he isn’t.  The political left, especially in this day and age, has a nasty habit of using this word to speak about anyone they disagree with.  The reality is, there was an actual group of people called “Nazis”.  They were responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  Referring to every racist, bigot or otherwise as a Nazi, serves as nothing more than a means to trivialize the holocaust.  It’s frankly a bit disgusting to be so loose with the application of this term, as if any ideology that has any form of association with “white pride” is the same as National Socialism and the havoc it wrought upon the world (including the death of many, many white people).

I’ve seen numerous posts on Twitter advocating this act of violence.  They do so under the pretense that “punching a Nazi” is justified.  Quite literally.  Now, even if Richard Spencer were a Nazi, which he is not, if he is not actively engaging in violent behavior, violent behavior is not justified.  If an escaped Nazi war criminal were alive and walking around the streets of America, punching him in the face is not a solution to any problem.  Should that person be brought before a court of law and made to face charges for their war crimes?  Absolutely.  Should a random masked person run up and punch them in the face?  No.

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in this twitter blast about the incident, are images of Captain America punching Nazis.  This, to me, shows the bizarre fantasy world that most liberals find themselves in.  I feel that it’s the reason they’re liberals to begin with.  They believe they’re “heroes” in their own mind.  They live in a fantasy world in which they are the equivalent of a comic book character.  This is the case, despite many of them being fat, ineffective nothings who would never be capable of any feat beyond screaming epithets, holding misspelled signs, and ranting about issues they’ve never researched.  That’s not Captain America.  That’s the pimple-faced kid who READS Captain America.  These people are not fighting some sort of holy war, though that’s how they see it.

The scariest part about all of this, is that because of this mentality, they can justify almost anything against almost anyone.  If you don’t align yourself with their ideology, you are now the equivalent of a comic book villain, playing that role in their fantasy life.  I myself am not a member of the alt-right, and overall don’t share the ideals of white supremacy.  I’m a non-partisan individual.  The closest to a party I come to adopting as my own, would be the Libertarian Party.  However, because I don’t agree with the current liberal/social-justice ideologues, I’m just as bad as a Nazi in their opinion.  If I say, “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization”, I’m now a “Nazi” and violent acts against me would not be condemned, but would instead be applauded.

All of this from the “tolerant” left.

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