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White Liberal Guilt: Should Whites Really Feel Guilty?

In short, no. Of course not. No one should be made to feel guilty because of the color of their skin. Isn’t that the very concept that non-white ethnicities are supposedly upset about? Isn’t assuming an inherent quality in an individual or demanding a behavior from an individual, based on the color of their skin, racist? Would it not be racist to assert that whites should “feel guilty” for nothing more than, well…being white?

I’m not going to say “I’m not a racist, but…” like so many do. Instead, I will say “I’m not a racist, and”…so, here goes. I’m not a racist, and I’m tired of the implication that I might be, simply because of the color of my skin. I don’t hold anyone back by existing, and to suggest such a thing is despicable. It’s like saying that because a person is white, they are an imposition on others. It’s interesting to hear this mentality reflected so blatantly in liberal culture, as though it’s perfectly acceptable. Reverse the tables, and there would be an explosion of anger. That is to say, if a white person were to make the claim that blacks are holding back whites, all out rage would ensue (as has been the case when this has happened). If the same is said of whites, it’s called “progressive”.

Certainly one can make an argument for almost any concept, if they choose to frame it in a certain way, and narrow the scope to fit their preconceived notion. For example, I could easily claim that blacks hold back whites through increased crime rates, low productivity, and poor test scores (decreased funding to schools with low scores). If a white child attends a school that is largely comprised of black students, who score poorly on tests, and that school’s budget is cut due to those poor test scores, would it then not be at least logical to say “black are holding white children back”? Do you see how easy it is to create these baseless assertions out of thin air?

That’s how the “liberal white guilt” phenomenon works. It’s interesting, albeit transparent. Essentially, I’m expected to accept that all blacks are in a less-than-equal position, and that this is due to something that occurred when not a single person alive today was around. It is said that because whites are white, they are offered privileges that are not available to blacks.

The truth is, I’ve done nothing to anyone. I’m an American citizen whose skin happens to be a particular tone, and nothing more. I had no slaves, my ancestors likely did not even live in the U.S. during that time. I get no special benefits for being white, despite the constant repetition of the phrase “white privilege”. In fact, there are many privileges and benefits I have no access to, simply because I’m white, male and young. If I were lucky enough to be born black, hispanic, female, or if I were older than retirement age, there are a variety of benefits I would be privileged to receive. Without getting into too many personal details about my life, I will just say that I’ve not had it particularly easy. I’ve certainly not experienced the “white privilege” I hear so much about. When I see people like Kanye West flaunting his millions while acting a fool on television, I wonder, was it “black privilege” that allowed him to succeed? Of course not. In fact, those who sling about the “white privilege” term would likely laugh at me for suggesting such a thing (perhaps while calling me racist, I don’t know).

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