Debunking Rael and The Raelian Movement

I’m sure by now you’ve likely heard of the Raelian Movement. I make this assumption largely based on the fact that you’ve arrived at this post, which indicates a high probability that you were “Googling” the subject. I myself think the “movement” is pure ridiculousness, although rather cleverly approached. If you’re not familiar with what the Raelian Movement is, you should likely become familiar with it prior to reading the below admonishment of it.

In order to become more familiar with this ridiculous concept, you may want to navigate to one, or all, of the following links:

Now, I will go ahead and proceed to show the flaws and logical inconsistencies in many of the ideas proposed by Rael, the cult’s leader.

Key Points in Raelian Debunking

  • If Rael only spoke with the aliens for 6 hours during his initial encounter, how is it that his message consists of information the communication of which requires a timeframe much larger than that of the proposed encounter? That is to say that all together, Rael has well beyond 6 hours worth of information (and it continuously changes) to provide, yet he claims that in total his entire interaction with the “alien being” lasted only 6 hours. This means that either a large portion of the information he has is not from the aliens, but is his own idea, or the aliens are giving him new information continuously (which seems highly unlikely, as does the entire premise).
  • If aliens created us, who created them? Rael’s answer to this question seems to be that another group of alien beings created them…and this goes on infinitely. However, within the cosmos there is a limited number of earthlike planets from which these beings could have come. Not to mention that this would provide us with a major logical dilemma, in which something which is said to have a specific beginning (ie, the creation of the life) has occurred infinitely, but this would remove the association of a beginning. This being said, because of the specific physicality to the beginning (in other words we’re not speaking in terms of something like a mathematical abstraction) there would have to have been some beginning point where the same event did not occur prior, otherwise we would be faced with an impossible loop that would result in no beginning for any of the events, and therefore…no event.
  • Rael claims that his “religion” believes in science. However, he also says that we should not study. I suppose he must not realize that the very term “science” specifically means “to study”. I don’t mean that as a translation, but that the two concepts are synonomous with each other. You can’t have science without study. He seems to merely like to utilize certain terminology that he believes will lend credence to his concept as being something new and different from preceding religions…but he is failing to even utilize correct definitions of terms in doing so. One cannot simply say the word “science” and expect that to carry any significance. The science itself is a study, and to demonize studying while claiming to promote science is nothing more than a blatant contradiction. In fact, it is so blatant a contradiction that it inspired this post to begin with.Don’t take my word for it, you can see/hear for yourself his admonishment of studying in this video:

It’s my opinion that this particular individual is merely a charlatan, and I believe that he is knowlingly “lying”. I don’t think that he believes his own story, but is perpetuating with intent. I believe that his motivation is a combination of money, fame/glory, and what seems to be the largest motivation is unlimited sexual encounters with women. It’s likely that he was previously unsuccessful with women, and now defines his own personal prowess based on his ability to bed as many women as possible. He is likely gloating to himself on a daily basis, proud at his accomplishment of pure fantasy. I am not saying I know these things about his character for certain, this is merely an assumption I’m making, albeit based on some pretty solid evidence. The evidence is in the message itself, his actions and behavior in media appearances, and the oddly sex-based culture of the Raelian movement.

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