Faith Healing

If you have cancer, and don’t feel like living very long, you should give faith healing a try. They will convince you not to seek proper medical treatment, opting for the much more efficient “guy yelling at you while touching your forehead” method. Granted, they do claim that it’s more than just yelling at you while putting their hand on your forehead, that’s still what it ultimately is.

Even assuming you’re a believer in God, do you really think that makes sense? Would this be how this would be done? You touch someone’s forehead, yell at them a bit, and then suddenly they’re healed? If that were the case, why would medicine even exist? Don’t you think we would have figured out a long time ago that we could do this, and avoid all the years and dollars spent perfecting medical science (and continue to improve upon it to this day)?

My guess is that the very reason modern medicine is prevalent and necessary, is because of the failures of things like “faith” when it comes to repairing humans, extending their lives and eradicating or treating diseases.

There have certainly been some pretty interesting “men of God” in the faith healing community. By interesting…I mean they were complete pieces of shit. So, not interesting at all, except for the interest in how it’s possible for someone to be so terrible.

These people have convinced thousands to forgo medical treatment, come sit in a tent, and feed them all of their money while they suffer without relief. These people place their hands on their forehead and yell at them. That’s the treatment.

Stay tuned, I will be doing some profiles on each of the con-men, er I mean, faith healers who are prominent in the field…hopefully exposing them to those who haven’t already found out about their scams.

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